Work Done By Me On Peace and Inclusive Education
I want to introduce myself to you. Ever since I was 12 years old, I am living the life of a handicapped person. Before that, I used to play, jumping, hopping and skipping, just like any other children of my age. Suddenly, because of an event in my life, I because a victim of an accident and have been living a life of a handicapped person. On the advice of doctors, I had to stop going to school. In a few years since then, my mental state also began to sag and conditions of my body also began to deteriorate.
In view of this, I became helpless for a long time. Even friends and children could not help me participate with them in their games. Secluded, I began to think within myself that I should go forward and beyond, beyond all my friends and achieve some tangible, some unique success and serve my country. Being unable to get good medical care, I got along with the help of hopeful attitude till 1996. In that year my bones were damaged and I became helpless. Because of broken bones, I have been spending my life on wheelchair, since then, to date.
I am compelled to take recourse of somebody’s assistance. But the strength of my spirit made me forget my shortcomings and helplessness and goaded me strongly to move ahead and achieve something, for the well being of the whole country. From then on, I loaded on my shoulders, the burden of world peace and moved ahead spreading and instilling peace in the minds of millions of peace and moved ahead spreading and instilling peace in the minds of millions of people around me .....
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Can a helpless man ever bring about any change in the world? Pondering over this very problem, I made up my mind to do and achieve something tangible in my life. As I had to go through umpteen number of problems of helplessness and miseries since childhood and move forward, what I have dilated in this book, I have full confidence, will show light to millions and millions of people who are struggling against difficulties and hardships in life, in society, in the nation, and in the world, and sympathizes with all of them in their progress, especially with those who have lost hopes. This will also show the path of world peace to those suffering millions living on our planet, and also to those because of whom the world is full of unrest and afflicted from poverty and disease.
This book touches in its course revolutionary problems, including those of wards and weapons, in a number of countries and emphasizes on human welfare, free from weapons and wards, so that man can progress on the path of world peace.
Never Be Third World War
Our organization World Wide Peace Organization (WWPO) is of the view that one step, one act of peace is better than a hundred words.
We are trying our best to approach people personally and on the internet also to convince them about World Peace so that they also become Peace Makers and pledge their support to World Wide Peace Organization (WWPO) efforts.
We shall be organizing seminars and workshops to enable people share thoughts, exchange ideas and views about how to maintain, sustain peace around the world.
We are molding thoughts of the people around the world through poems.
We are also writing a novel on World Peace to spread our message.
We will be publishing the magazine PEACE ACROSS THE WORLD also.
More plans will be added with the passage of time.
No War Never War
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Welcome to World Wide Peace Organization (WWPO)
I am working, in my own small way, to achive peace in this troubled world of ours. I world like people to exchange their ideas and views towards the attainment of this lofty goal. I would urge people to fill up “THE PEACE MAKER FORM” in token of their acquiescence to work for world peace. This mission is not easy to accomplish but I am sure that we will prevail and give results which are likly to astound the world and our critics. Let us not forget how the likes of Mother Teresa, Annie Besant, Mahatma Gandhi worked against all odds. I once again urge you to join this noble cause.
I am very greatful to Mr. Alejandra A Garrido a Ambassador of Panama in India, who is not only the first Peace Maker to pleage his support for our endeavors but has made this Website possible through his contributions.
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